27th International Organ Festival Toulouse

The organ inspires, the organ fascinates, the organ intrigues.

This year, the Festival will highlight the dreamers of the organ: the builders who make today's organs with unheard-of sounds and the musicians who come from classical, experimental or jazz music and who create for this instrument.

On organs of all eras and genres, these musicians will perform a variety of repertoires, in solo or duo, with other instruments such as the baroque violin, the saxophone, the electric hurdy-gurdy, the theremin or the percussion. At the same time, the organ will allow us to rediscover the classic repertoire for orchestra in original transcriptions: Ravel's Bolero, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, Holst's Planets, etc.

Among the festival's must-see events: the Nuits du Gesu, the film-concert at the Daurade, the Nuit de l'Orgue at St-Sernin dedicated this year to Scandinavian music and musicians, the yo[r]ga sessions and the free concert for students.


25th International Organ Festival Fribourg