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Trondheim is a city located in the middle of Norway, founded by our king Olav Tryggvason in 997. It is one of Norway’s oldest cities, maybe the oldest. We still dig up traces of ancient times, and last year archaeologists found an old church in the city centre, indicating that the city is even older than the history books say.
King Olav Haraldsson, later known as Saint Olaf, was killed and buried here a thousand years ago. His actions were crucial in defining Norway, and still his legacy lives on in the Norwegian people. The Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace are both built in the name of Saint Olaf. Pilgrims from all over the world come to visit the cathedral, just as thousands have done before them during the middle Ages. We are really proud of our historical legacy.
Today Trondheim is a living and growing city, but it is also a calm and safe city. I like to say that Trondheim is a big city with the atmosphere of a small town. We are just about to have 200.000 inhabitants. If you add all the visiting students, we have been that many for several years.
Trondheim is the Norwegian capital of science, technology and knowledge. Our university, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, is the largest university in our country, with about 40.000 students. Each year we welcome about 1500 international students from more than different countries. SINTEF, the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, also has its headquarter in Trondheim.
The City of Trondheim is proud of that status as a member of ECHO – European Cities of Historical Organs. Numerous organ concerts are happening in Nidarosdomen cathedral throughout the year.
I would highly recommend a visit to our beautiful city. You are welcome at any time.

City representative: KJERSTI UTNE (email)

Artistic Directors: BRITA SJÖBERG (email) & PETRA BJØRKHAUG (email)

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