Leufsta Cahman Academy

Lövstabruk was a cultural center during the 18th century. Music by the great composers of the time such as Vivaldi, Händel and Roman was performed here together with the local dance music - what we today call folk music. The organist was hired to play both in the church at the now well-known Cahman organ from 1728 and for dances in Herrgården, and the dance music permeated the music regardless of whether it was performed in Herrgården or at events in Lövstabruk's church.

In this year's edition of the Leufsta Cahman Academy, you, as a participant, get to immerse yourself in the dancing game in the uniquely preserved 18th-century environment Lövstabruk offers, with the help of prominent organists, researchers and national fiddler. This year's theme is Folk music.

This year's faculty is
Lukas Arvidsson, soloist organ
Ulrika Davidsson, clavichord
Karin Nelson, songwriting & improvisation 
Torbjörn Näsbom, songwriting
Greger Siljebo, songwriting
Mattias Wager, liturgical organ
Gabriel Davidsson, dance
Natalie Ogonek, dance

Last day of registration is 23 June!

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