Two Centuries of Music

The sound of all organs in the municipality of Mafra is made known to the public for the first time.

Two centuries of organ work, two centuries of composition, two centuries of Music!

The collection, which is now presented, obeys an unprecedented criterion. From the outset, the six organs of the Basilica of the National Palace of Mafra are seen as a single set – as they were thought of from its conception – and their orchestral identity is underlined through the repertoire performed. The recorded works are, all of them, arrangements of orchestral works, intended for the Mafra organ ensemble and dated from the completion of the instruments in 1807 to the present day. The remaining four historic organs in the county (Encarnação, Livramento, Gradil and Ericeira) are presented here for the first time, illustrating the repertoire that is most closely associated with them: Portuguese music from the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Listen here to the Six Organ Orchestra!

The box with 3 CDs will be broadcast on Organroxx Radio on August the 26th. 

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