Duo 64-Feet

In the project "Canzoni", the Duo 64-Feet explores the melodic dynamics of the organ. The organ is one of the very first instruments to accompany the voice and its history is closely linked to that of the vocal tradition. Since the beginning of their collaboration in 2009, organists Iris Eysermans and Marie-Noëlle Bette-Leroy have been expressing their love for the rich timbre and subtlety of historic organs. They therefore present surprising programmes full of old and new organ music. In their search for unique sound combinations, they also make use of contemporary technology, live electronics and synthesiser.
In their new programme " Canzoni ", Duo 64-Feet returns to the pure acoustic sound of the organ in combination with the voice. In doing so, the duo explores the dynamics of melody. Their repertoire includes Gregorian monodies and polyphonic Canzona by J.S. Bach, as well as Italian Canzoni from the Renaissance and contemporary compositions. In each case, both organists seek the "singing power" of the organ.

Date & Time
February 10, 2023
8:00 PM 9:00 PM Europe/Brussels

Cultural Centre "De Romaanse Poort"

Brusselsestraat 63
3000 Leuven
--Cultural Centre "De Romaanse Poort"--
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