Church of Nuestro Salvador Granada

Organ details


The organ of the church of Nuestro Salvador is an instrument built in 2001 by the local organ builder Francisco Alonso Suárez. It is an organ with a baroque aesthetic, with two keyboards and a complete pedal board, conceived to allow the performance of the repertoire of the different European schools from the 16th to the 18th centuries, as well as part of the non-symphonic romantic repertoire and contemporary music. This instrument came to replace the absence of the two organs that the ancient Collegiate had, facing each other laterally in the choir. The larger of the two was moved in 1770 to the current church of Santos Justo y Pastor, where it is still today, while the other, smaller, perished in the pre-Civil War firing of churches in March 1936. The carved wooden case of the new organ is inspired by the layout of the design by Gaspar Fernández de Prado in 1619 for the organ of Santa María de la Alhambra church.

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I Cadereta interior
II Órgano mayor

Violón 8
Octava 4
Tapadillo 4
Quincena 2
Sesquiáltera II
Decinovena 1 1/3
Címbala III
Bajón-Oboe 8
Flautado 8
Violón 8
Octava 4
Flauta 4
Docena 2 2/3
Quincena 2
Nasardo 2
Diecisetena1 3/5
Lleno IV
Zímbala III
Corneta (from c1 or from g) V
Trompeta Real 8
Bajoncillo (bass, chamade) 4
Clarín (treble, chamade) 8
Orlos (chamade) 8
Contras mayores 16
Bordón 16
Contras 8
Octava 4
Bajón 16
Trompeta 8
Clarín 4
Couplers I/II, II/P, I/P. 
Equal temperament. 
a' = 440 Hz.