Haga Church Göteborg

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New organ: John Brombaugh & Associates 1992

The Brombaugh organ is situated in the north transept gallery of the Haga Church. It was inaugurated in March 1992. The organ has been patterned to a great extent on North German instruments from the early 17th century. One example of this is the organ front, modeled on the Rückpositiv of Marten de Mare's organ from 1611 in the Ansgari Church in Bremen, Germany. The organ case is mainly in Appalachian white oak and the alloys of the pipework contain, according to historical patterns, a high proportion of lead. Wind is supplied by two wedge bellows. Temperament: meantone.

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CDE - c3
CD - d1
Præstant 8 
Gedackt 8 
Holzprincipal 8
Octava 4
Spitzpipe 4 
Quinta 3 
Octava 2 
Sesquialter II 
Mixtura IV-VI 
Trommet 8
Holzgedackt 8 
Flöit 4
Hohlquinta 3
Hohlflöitlein 2
Regal 8
Subbaß 16
Præstant 8 tr 
Octava 4 
Bawrflöitlein 1
Posaunen 16 
Trommet 8 tr
Dulcian 8 
Cornett 2