Igreja de São Pedro, Ericeira Mafra

Organ details


The instrument in the church of São Pedro in Ericeira is a cabinet organ, though with a façade, with a keyboard of fifty‐four keys. Five of its seven stops are worked by stop knobs distributed on both sides of the keyboard. The remaining two stops (Cheio and Oitava real) are worked by knee levers. The current 2‐foot stops was originally connected to the 4‐foot stops, forming a single stop operated by the right knee lever. As part of the work by António Simões, the stops was made independent, being given a stop knob on the right side of the console.

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Flautado de 12 aberto
Flautado de 12 tapado
O[itava] real
Flautado de 6 tapado
Flauta dolce
Cheio 5 f[ilas] V
   Oitava real and Cheio stops activated by knee levers