Igreja de São Silvestre, Gradil Mafra

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The instrument in the church of St. Silvester in Gradil is a cabinet organ with façade (without horizontal reeds) with a single keyboard of fifty‐one keys. It has ten half‐registers (five for the left hand and five for the right) in a layout typical of Machado and Cerveira at that time. Significant is the almost total lack of correspondence between the half‐registers of the left hand and those of the right hand, particularly efficacious in any music split between the bass and the upper voice, and the presence of pedals that cancel the plenum, indispensable for the constant alternation between loud and soft dynamics, typical of the musical style of the time. As is the case with the majority of instruments by Machado e Cerveira of this size, there are no reed stops. The record of delivery of the goods retained by the parish, dated 8 June 1835, describes it as “an old organ”, from which one may deduce that it was not in the best state of repair. At all events, the instrument survived practically intact down to the present, the Parish Committee having decided to commission its restoration on 1 December 1988. The work was carried out by the organ builder António Simões and finished in 1990.

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Fl[autado de] 12 tap[ado]
Fl[autado de] 6 tap[ado]
Quinzena +
Cheio 3 f[ilas] III +
Címbala 3 f[ilas] III +
Fl[autado de] 12 ab[erto]
Fl[auta] travessa
Oitava real e Quinzena 4 f[ilas] IV +
Corneta 3 f[ilas] III +
Flautim +
   Basculating pedals to cancel the plenum (stops marked with +)

   Inscription above the keyboard:
   Antonio Xavier Machado e Cerveira / o fez anno 1801 n.º 59