Santos Justo y Pastor Parish Granada

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Built by Salvador Pabón (or Pavón), the main member of a family of organ builders active
in Granada during the second half of the 18th
century, this instrument was built for the Collegiate
church of Nuestro Salvador in 1763-64. After the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767 and the transfer of
the Collegiate from the upper Albayzin quarter to the San Pablo church in the town (now Santos
Justo y Pastor parish), the same organ builder was in charge of carrying and installing the
instrument between in 1770-71.

It was restored by the Federico Acitores' workshop in 2007, within the Andalusia Baroque program by the Junta de Andalucía. Its magnificent box stands out, richly ornamented, and the large wooden pipes of the 16' Contras with golden decorations in their mouths. Although it has two keyboards (great and echo organ), all the singing pipes are in the main case, the small chair organ façade being a mere ornamental artifice.

  • 1763/64: Built by Salvador Pabón y Valdés for the Colegiata de Nuestro Salvador.
  • 1770/71: Removed by the builder to the San Pablo church (now Santos Justo y Pastor church). 
  • 1847: Reformed by Miguel González Aurioles.
  • 1853, 1858, 1868: Interventions by Miguel Rivero.
  • 2007: Restoration by Federico Acitores.

Two keyboards (Órgano mayor and Cadereta de eco) of 45 keys (C-c3). Short octave. Divided stops between c1 and c#1.

Multimedia library


I Cadireta interior

II Órgano mayor

Tapadillo (4)
Quincena nasarte (2)
Espigueta (4)
Clarín de ecos (8)
Flautado de 13 (8) 
Flautado violón (8)
Octava general (4)
Quincena (2)
Diez y septena (1 3/5)
Diez y novena (1 1/3)
Llenos IV
Címbala IV with 3rd
Trompeta real (8)
Bajoncillo (4 chamade)
Violeta (2 chamade)
Flautado de 13 (8)
Flautado violón (8)
Flauta travesera (II 8)
Octava general (4)
Tapadillo (4)
Quincena II (2)
Llenos IV
Címbala IV with 3rd
Corneta VII
Trompeta real (8)
Clarín de fachada (8 chamade)
Clarín real (8 chamade)
Orlos (16 chamade)

Cadireta interior in echo swell box, without stops knobs, the stops are fixed
8 diatonic pedal Contras C-B (16), 2 Timbales
Knee mechanism for the echo swell box
Meantone temperament 1/6 coma
a' = 421 Hz (18°C)
Pressure: 62 mm