Chiesa di Santa Caterina Treviso

Organ details


Ever since it was established, the Promoting Committee has attempted to make enthusiasts and citizens aware of the vast heritage of historic organs to be found in the churches of Treviso, by turning it into a centre of international interest for organ music. With the essential help of the Cassamarca Foundation, after restoring all the historical instruments in the city, the Committee proposed to build an organ inspired by the Italian Renaissance tradition, according to the canons and aesthetics of the most important historical period for Italian organ literature.
Treviso also possessed this kind of instrument, located in the church of S. Caterina and totally destroyed. And it was in S. Caterina church that the new organ, built by Francesco Zanin of Codroipo, was placed in 1998.

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I. Rugpositief
C, D, E, F, G, A-a4
Principale I bassi [16’]
Principale I soprani
Principale II bassi
Principale II soprani
Voce Umana
Flauto in VIII bassi
Flauto in VIII soprani
Flauto in XII bassi
Flauto in XII soprani
Flauto in XV bassi
Flauto in XV soprani
Flauto in XXII bassi
Flauto in XXII soprani
Cornamuse bassi
Cornamuse soprani
Pedal Tiratutti
Tamburo on the last pedal

Mechanical traction. Window console. Meantone temperament.
Pitch: a2 = 440 Hz at 18 °C
Wind pressure: 45mm
Division bass/treble: c1/c#1

   Prospect with Principale I 16’ pipes from F, split in 5 areas with 7/9/5/9/7 pipes and two more areas with silent pipes.
   Keyboard of 60 keys (C–a4) with short octave; split keys for g#, g#1, g#2 and d#1, d#2 d#3
   Pedalboard with 20 keys (C–b) with short octave.