Elias Gabriel Huber

Elias Gabriel Huber was born in South Tyrol, Italy and currently lives in Vienna.
Elias got his musical basic education in the subjects Violin, Viola and Organ. Already at an early age, he gained manifold musical experiences in different orchestras like the Matteo Goffriller Orchestra or the Ensemble Cordia on baroque string instruments in Mantova, Innsbruck, Vienna, and Munich. Projects with musicians like Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Christophe Coine and Stefano Veggetti have been very profound experiences for him.
By starting his studies in at the University of Music and Applied Arts in Vienna in 2019, Elias decided to professionalize his musical activities and to set his focus on classical and early keyboard music. Since then, he studies Organ with Pier Damiano Peretti in Vienna and Pieter van Dijk in Amsterdam and Harpsichord with Erich Traxler and Magdalena Hasibeder. Elias participated in many Masterclasses with Wolfgang Zerer, Peter van Dijk, Ludger Lohmann, Harald Vogel, Martin Schmeding, Martin Sander, Rudolf Lutz, and Tobias Lindner
Elias’ versatility is displayed by the attainment of different prices in youth competitions and at ochestra festivals. Furthermore, Elias has been playing alpine folk music with his Family since earliest childhood. Many CD registrations and the winning of the “Herma-Haselsteiner-Preis Innsbruck 2016” stand for the high quality of their music.
In addition, Elias studies Psychology on the University of Vienna.